The Story of The Good Mouth Co.
The Good Mouth Co. is co-founded by a small, wonderful group of dreamers and sleep enthusiasts, with a fresh take on nightguards.

The mission with TGMC is to provide the world a healthier, better way to sleep for people suffering from oral issues like grinding teeth and sleep apnea. The branding started from the ground up. A sister company to GuardLab, a company leading the mouthguard innovation, the goal was to set it apart from the more combative brother brand. 
Working with owner and creative director of both brands, Kevin Doyle, we started with logo design, and then nailing the branding story. My role as the senior production designer, was to then create the brand guideline that would be followed closely for both internal and external team members. This ranged from icon design, packaging, promo stickers and cards inside every order, and social media content. 
The Brand Guideline
Creating an understandable and effective guide was key to make sure that both our internal team and any outside agency would be able to follow it as close as possible while also leaving room for smaller creative changes that could be made as long as it fit within the brands language.
Brand Language
The Good Mouth Co.'s branding is fun, light, and caring. We decided to reflect that by creating a beautiful custom logo, calming colors, serene night sky patterns, and pairing it was a fun word mark.
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